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What You Should Know About Epoxy Injections

The weight of heavy loads, support footings settling, and soil shrinkage can strain property foundations and cause basement walls and floors to crack. If you see fissures in the surfaces, invest in foundation repair immediately. By neglecting the problem, you run the risk of property flooding and severe structural damage. To restore the safety and value of the building, a technician could inject epoxy resins into the breaks. The overview below will explain why this material is an effective repair solution for small cracks. 

A Primer on Epoxy Injections for Basement Cracks

Resins Transform to Hard Plastic

Using syringes, foundation repair specialists force epoxy resin into cracks. The substances spread and fill every part of a crevice, which is why it’s the best solution for repairing thin diagonal and vertical gaps. When the white resin base and black hardening agent combine, the chemical reaction causes the substances to bond and cure into a solid, sturdy plastic. The epoxy won’t expand and contract with temperature fluctuations or shift when the foundation settles, which reduces the risk of cracks reappearing. 

The Solution Sets Quickly

Foundation repair specialists must work quickly, as epoxy injections cure fast. Technicians have limited time to spread and inject the substance before it starts to harden, which is why this method works best for small cracks. Technicians will avoid exposing the area to direct sunlight, as it will slow the drying process. Once the resin hardens, it’s much stronger than the surrounding concrete. This removes vulnerabilities in the foundation and restores the structural integrity of the building. 

Fiberglass Tape Helps Strengthen the Bond

To reinforce the epoxy bond, foundation repair technicians might put fiberglass tape over the crack. As the tape adds to the strength of the seal, technicians can use less epoxy, giving them more time to repair the crack before the resin starts to cure.   


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