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What Does Flood Insurance Cover in Basement Damage Restoration?

No homeowner wants to think about flooding. Other than fire, it’s one of the most destructive forces a structure can experience. As unpleasant as it is, you should understand your options and know how to prepare for the worst. Read on to learn more about flood insurance and what it does and doesn’t cover when it comes to basement damage restoration.

Flood Insurance & Basement Damage Restoration Basics

National Flood Insurance Program

FEMA offers the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which costs an average of $700 per year. In some flood-prone areas, homeowners are required to have flood insurance, although not all communities need it. When you buy a policy through the NFIP, it takes effect 30 days later. According to the organization, the basement is an area of the building with a floor below ground level on all sides. If you have flood insurance through this program, you’re covered in the event of a natural disaster, but not in the event of a plumbing leak or appliance malfunction. Your home insurance policy typically covers these incidents.

Building Coverage

You have the option to purchase building or contents coverage, or both. With building coverage, you can be reimbursed for either the value of your building or the cost to rebuild, depending on which is less. The parts of your building covered in this policy include electrical and plumbing, foundation, appliances, HVAC equipment, permanent carpet over an unfinished floor, permanent fixtures such as wallboard and cabinets, window blinds, debris removal, and water heaters.

Contents Coverage

Contents coverage includes your personal belongings. This means items such as your clothes, food, curtains, carpets not covered in the building policy, furniture, washers and dryers, and portable microwaves and dishwashers. It also includes up to $2,500 in items such as artwork and decor and valuables. It does not cover home improvements.


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