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Common Questions Regarding Yard Drainage

Many issues can occur without a quality yard draining system, such as basement flooding, soil erosion, and waterlogged flower and vegetable gardens. Drainage systems come in numerous forms to keep your home and property dry and therefore safe from complications such as water damage and mold and mildew formation. If you have a yard draining issue, read on to get an idea of what your property needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yard Draining

What Is Stormwater Runoff & Its Effects?

Stormwater runoff refers to rain and melting snow flowing over surfaces that prevent their absorption, such as sidewalks, driveways, walkways, and roads before flowing into nearby waterways. It is the top reason for street damage while also causing environmental harm. Untreated stormwater carries a range of pollutants, including insecticides and chemical fertilizers.

What Is A French Drain?

A French drain is a trench that stormwater flows into on a residential or commercial property. It is a common addition to flat, wet yards and generally between 8 and 16 inches deep. French drains also include two-inch gravel bases, fabric lining that serves as filters, and perforated pipes to help water flow into a sewer or other applicable area.

Why Do I Need My Gutters Cleaned Regularly?

Routine gutter cleaning in the fall and spring prevents yard draining complications by allowing rainwater and melting snow to flow away from your home. Gutters work with downspouts to prevent water from backing up under roofing shingles or pooling around your home’s foundation. Those clogged with leaves, twigs, and other debris cannot perform this important function.

How Else Can I Improve Yard Drainage On My Property?

In addition to keeping your gutters free of debris, you can improve your property’s yard draining abilities by scheduling French drain installations or discussing other options with your local basement waterproofing and foundation repair company such as retaining walls. Vegetation also helps avoid soil erosion, including groundcover species, shade-tolerant plants, and small shrubs.


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