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4 FAQs About Yard Draining Systems Answered

Yard draining ensures that water can be effectively channeled away from your property to keep the space dry and free of damage. Since there are many different kinds of yard drainage systems, it's not uncommon for homeowners to have questions about which type of system is right for them. To provide some clarity, below are answers to the more popular questions on this subject.

Answers to Common Questions About Yard Draining Systems

What are French drains?

French drains are gravel-lined trenches dug at strategic points on a property. They are typically installed at the lowest-lying areas or the places most prone to water accumulation or flooding. Water collects in the trenches and flows to a drop-off point, like a street or storm sewer.

What types of properties benefit from French drains?

French drains are ideal for properties that have issues with standing water or soggy lawns. They are also helpful if your home is susceptible to water or leaks in the basement. A French drain is beneficial for retaining walls as well; when constructed directly behind the wall, the trench will prevent pooling water.

What are downspouts?

Downspouts, sometimes known as drain lines, are a component of a home gutter system. Their goal is to keep the foundation of the home and yard as safe and dry as possible. Rainwater, melted ice, and snow are carried away from the property and directed toward a street, sewer, or hill. All homes should have a gutter system and downspouts for maximum protection.

What happens if downspouts become clogged?

If downspouts become clogged with debris, they are no longer effective at home or yard draining. In fact, there is a much higher likelihood that the clog will cause water to back up into the house or yard. Downspouts should be professionally cleaned to prevent the possibility of water damage. If the clog has caused the drain line to collapse, the downspout should be replaced.


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