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4 Common Causes of Basement Concrete Cracks

If your basement has concrete surfaces, you may have noticed cracking along your floors, or even on the walls. There are a few reasons why cracking can appear in concrete. Learn more about the causes of these cracks to be prepared the next time you hire a concrete repair professional. Here are four of the most common culprits for cracking in concrete.

What Causes Concrete Cracks in Basements?

1. Settling Foundation

Concrete slabs and foundations typically settle as a result of unstable soil underneath the structure. The weight of your house over shifting ground can cause the concrete to move; this can lead to cracks and gaps throughout the floors and walls, especially near corners. Doors and windows may also appear uneven. If this is the case in your home, you should seek concrete repairs immediately.

2. Shrinking Concrete

Concrete is comprised of cement and water, which must be poured and cured to create a solid surface. Shrinkage is normal, but the amount of shrinkage varies depending on the temperature in the room. When your basement’s temperatures are too unstable, you may notice cracking as extreme heat and cold interfere with curing. Doors and corners are more likely to see this damage.

3. Spalling

Spalling looks like flaking on the surface of the concrete. It’s usually the result of the mix being too saturated during the pour. The excess water ends up on the surface and creates a weakened layer at the top. Even though it may look unattractive, it’s typically safe, and the surface’s structural integrity is unaffected. However, a concrete repair professional can help repair this issue for a more appealing floor.

4. Moisture Issues

If water gets into smaller cracks, it can cause much larger fissures in your concrete. Wider cracks can be detrimental to the strength of your foundation. Over time, consistent moisture in those cracks will lead to issues with mold and mildew.



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