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3 Tips for Solving Your Yard Draining Problems

Puddles in your yard are more than just an unsightly mess; they can also interfere with your landscape and cause structural damage to your home. While prevention is the best way to avoid poor yard draining, if you are already dealing with this problem, it’s important to fix it right away. Below is a list of possible solutions you can take to solve the issue before it causes harm to your property.

3 Types of Yard Drainage Solutions

1. Yard Drain

Yard drains are designed to redirect water towards a municipal sewer system. However, you must first consult with your municipal office to ensure that this installation meets local plumbing codes and regulations. In some areas, it is against regulation to redirect rainwater to public sewers. 

2. Drywell

A drywell is an underground chamber that is installed in the lowest part of your yard; it uses gravity to collect the runoff water and then slowly distributes it back into the soil. Depending on your property and the drainage rate of stormwater, you may need more than one in your yard.

3. French Drain

A French drain is a sloped trench that is filled with gravel or rock and uses a pipe to divert water into a lower area away from your home. This yard draining solution is often best if you have water accumulating in higher areas of your property, such as in front of a retaining wall. They can be installed behind the retaining wall to reduce the groundwater pressure.


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