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3 Steps to Take if Your Basement Has Flooding Problems

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Many homeowners know the feeling of dread from walking into their basement and discovering swampy pools of water. With some smart prep work and professional waterproofing, those leak issues will become a thing of the past. Here are three actions you can take to avoid negative outcomes from water in your basement.

How to Prevent Basement Flood Damage

1. Remove Valued Items

Move any valuable or irreplaceable items out of the basement, especially items that may be sensitive to water such as family photos and archives. Your basement may become a safer place for those items after some additional changes had been made, but it’s smart to wait until the pooling problem is solved instead of leaving them at risk.

2. Install a Sump Pump

Once your valuables are safe, begin dealing with the water issue. With the help of a sump pump, water will be automatically removed from your basement using a drainage system. These machines are most useful if your basement is below the local water table. By sucking up any stray water, it will limit the damage and help you defend against mold and mildew. 

3. Schedule Professional Service

While a pump or drainage system can help remove water, secure the boundaries where the water is coming from to further prevent water from entering the basement. If your foundation has buckled in a few places, you’ll need a technician to restore the surface. An effective tactic is to have the specialist conduct a full waterproofing, which entails adding water-repellent sealants to the various surfaces around your home’s foundation.


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