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3 Signs You Need Foundation Repair

Concrete lasts for decades if you take care of it properly, but nature has many ways to interfere. Heavy rains and snow, extreme heat, and freezing cold affect concrete and the soil it rests upon. Here are a few ways to determine if you need foundation repair for your home.

How to Tell When You Need Foundation Repair

1. Cracks

Cracks appear for a specific reason. The weight of the home or business may contribute to the expansion of a crack, but shifting soil is often to blame for its existence. Soil expands from heat and contracts in the cold, and under extreme conditions, the foundation may shift slightly with the soil. Also, large amounts of water near the foundation can cause the soil to shift. Excessive rain is a culprit, but moderate rain combined with poorly placed downspouts can weaken the soil under the house.

2. Uneven Appearance & Pooling

Exterior concrete, such as in patios and driveways, should not be perfectly level so that they drain water properly. However, if water pools near the house, it can cause water intrusion in the basement. Also, if the foundation has shifted, you may notice it sagging or cracking when you view the house from outside.

3. Problems in the House

Sticking doors and windows are signs of a shifting and weakened foundation. Because the base of the home is crooked, the rest of the structure bows and warps, distorting formerly 90-degree angles. Floors can also start to slope, and cracks may appear on the walls, especially near the ceiling. A foundation repair specialist can place stabilizing columns in the basement or repair specific areas of the foundation to fix the problem.


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