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3 Signs of Structural Foundation Problems

Every building settles into the ground over time, but factors like the dampness of the soil, local weather patterns, and the amount of clay in the geological landscape, some structures sink faster than others, creating issues for the foundation. If you’re wondering whether you need to call experts to perform foundation repair on a property you own, inspect the structure for the following warning signs.

If You Notice These 3 Issues, It’s Time for Foundation Repair

1. Water in the Basement

When a foundation cracks, it creates an opening for water to trickle through. This is especially true when there’s been a recent rain or the soil in your area is naturally damp; regardless, it means you have a gap that needs to be addressed. Catching it quickly, before it has a chance to widen, may save you thousands of dollars later.

2. Cracks in Masonry Joints

Cracks in a building should never be ignored, but cracks in the masonry joints are one of the more severe possible warning signs. They may indicate that a gutter is plugged outside the building, resulting in pressure to that particular joint. Because masonry joints are not as strong as the rest of the wall, there’s a greater chance for the damage to worsen if left unaddressed.

3. Doors & Windows That Stick

This is a minor sign, but still a significant one. Doors and windows may begin to stick when a house settles unevenly. Although uneven settling is somewhat normal, it also means that something has changed in your house’s structure and should be investigated by a foundation repair professional.


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