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3 Reasons to Grade Your Landscape

Grading is the process of adjusting the slope of your landscape so it carries water away from your home. Since the physics of yard draining can be complicated, proper grading is best handled by a qualified contractor. Once it’s done, you’ll find that the property is better protected—and better looking. If your yard often develops patches of standing water or the home is showing signs of foundation leaks, here are a few reasons to invest in professional grading services.

3 Benefits of Proper Yard Grading

1. Avoid Water Damage

When it rains or snows, water should flow away from the property toward a private or municipal drainage system. If the landscape isn’t properly graded, this moisture will become trapped on the land and possibly infiltrate the home’s structure. Over time, improper yard draining can damage a home’s foundation and outer walls. Since foundation repair is costly and time-consuming, it’s always better to invest in strategic land grading from the start.

2. Easier Landscaping

Faulty yard draining can lead to a variety of landscaping challenges. For example, hilly foundations that trap water can be difficult to mow. Excess water can also trigger invasive root growth or kill plants in the yard. With a properly sloped exterior, the landscape will benefit from better moisture control and easier mowing. Removing hills may also give you more outdoor space and allow you to install unique features, such as patios or ponds.

3. Mold Prevention

It only takes 48 hours for mold spores to grow in a moist environment, such as a basement connected to an improperly-graded landscape. If mold is inhaled, it can trigger severe allergies, skin disorders, and other respiratory health issues. Over time, mold growth will also introduce foul odors into the living environment and cause surfaces to deteriorate.


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