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3 Problems That Cause a Damp Basement

A damp basement is a clear sign of trouble. Though it’s below ground, it’s still a part of the home and should be a clean, dry space. Many issues can bring moisture into the basement — know what they are so you can find the source of the problem and take the appropriate basement waterproofing steps.

Issues Behind Your Damp Basement

1. Unsealed Windows

Poorly sealed or unsealed windows in the basement can let in moisture. This may occur when water — such as after rainfall — drips in through the cracks around the window. It can also let in humid air during the summer season, which brings moisture with it and causes condensation to form on the windows and walls. Adding a watertight seal around the windows should fix this issue.

2. Foundation Leaks

Cracks in the foundation allow groundwater to seep through the walls and floor into the basement. This can occur over time as the earth around the foundation settles, or if too much groundwater has weakened the foundation via hydrostatic pressure. It can also happen if the floor joists aren’t properly attached to the foundation walls, allowing them to move. In this case, foundation repair will be required to fill cracks for effective basement waterproofing.

3. Clogged Gutters

If your gutters are clogged or the downspouts are damaged, they won’t direct rainwater away from the foundation as they’re designed to. Water can spill down the side of the house and pool at its base, eventually making its way into the basement. In addition to getting basement waterproofing, clear out the gutters and repair any defective downspouts to prevent intrusion.


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